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Centre policies

In keeping with our best practice standards, our policies have been developed based on current research and practice.

We appreciate that some of our families may be interested in finding out more about the policies we have in place at Friendly Faces which is why we have made our policies available on our website for families to access.

If you would like a copy of a policy that is not on our website, please speak with your Centre Director or office manager.


Nutrition Food Beverages Dietary Policy

Friendly Faces provides a high quality standard of nutritionally balanced meals for infants and children. Breakfast, morning tea and afternoon tea are provided for all children 0-5 years. Children in the nursery 0-2 years are also provided with lunch. This policy ensures all food prepared by our centre and our families is consistent with Australian Dietary Guidelines. Read more >>

Privacy, Security and confidentiality

All employees of Friendly Faces are required to abide by the Confidentiality Policy which outlines the procedure for storing information about the organisation, our families and our staff. Read more >>

Medical conditions

This policy has been implemented to ensure persons at risk of a medical condition that has the potential to escalate to a medical emergency are appropriately managed while enrolled or employed at Friendly Faces. Read more >>

Enrolment and orientation

This policy promotes effective communication between families and educators during the enrolment and orientation process.
Parent Handbook   |   Enrolment Form

Parent Guardian Complaint Grievances

Friendly Faces is committed to ensuring all concerns and grievances are managed appropriately and in a professional and ethical manner. Read more >>

Sun safety

The safety and wellbeing of children and staff is our number one priority. Friendly Faces promotes positive attitudes towards skin protection and the implementation of appropriate procedures to ensure protection from the sun. Read more >>

Code of Conduct


School Readiness