Friendly Faces aims to ensure that each child’s enrolment is completed as per our legal requirements. Additionally, we aim to ensure that each child and their family receives an enrolment and orientation process that meets their needs, allowing the family and child to feel safe and secure in the level of care that we provide, and their new environment.

Legislative Requirements

Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010
Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
National Quality Standards 2011
NSW Department of Education & Communities
Child Care Service Handbook 2011-2012

Who is affected by this policy?



Our service accepts enrolments of children aged between 0-6 years.
Enrolments will be accepted providing:

  • The maximum daily attendance does not exceed the licensed capacity of the Service.
  • A vacancy is available.
  • Child ratios for groups are maintained.
  • Priority of access guidelines are met, as set by DEEWR.

When a family has indicated their interest in enrolling their child into our Education and Care Service the following will occur:

  • A tour of our Education and Care Service will be organised and conducted. During this tour, the Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor/Educator conducting the tour will give the family information about the Service including, but not limited to, programming ethos, meals, incursions, excursions, inclusion, fees, policies, our status as a Sun Smart Service and the responsibility our Service has to ensure Sun Safe practices, Regulations for our state and the Assessment and Rating process under the National Quality Standards, signing in and out procedure, the National Quality Framework, room routines, Educator and other staff qualifications, introduction of Educators/Staff in the room the child will be starting in and Educator/staff and parent communication. Families are also invited to ask any questions or raise any concerns they may have.
  • Families are given the Service’s Parent/Guardian Policy Handbook to read, and are invited to ask questions. and provide feedback or suggestions.
  • Discussions are held between office staff and families regarding availability of days, a start date and tailoring an orientation process to suit the needs of the family and child.
  • Families are informed of the Priority of Access Policy, and have their position assessed as to how they place within this system. Any matters that are sensitive of nature, such as discussing a child’s medical needs or Court Orders, will be discussed privately with the Approved Provider/ Nominated Supervisor at this time. We request families begin to fill out enrolment forms, and provide us with background information so we can accommodate their needs in the Education and Care Service from the first day of their enrolment.
  • Should a child speak English as a second language, we request that families provide us with some key words in the language the child speaks at this time so Educators/Staff can assist in meeting the child’s needs.
  • Families also need to contact the Family Assistance Office (Centrelink) to have their eligibility for Child Care Benefit assessed. If these details are available, we will complete the child’s formal enrolment. Should a family still need to access this information, we will complete an informal enrolment until these details are finalised.
  • As per our Child Orientation Policy, families will be invited to bring their child into the Education and Care Service at a time that suits them so the child and family can familiarise themselves with the environment.
  • Before the child begins their first day with us, the Education and Care Service must have all required documentation for the child. The child will not be accepted into the Service without this being completed.

On the child’s first day:

  • The child and their family are welcomed into the relevant room for the first day.
  • We will ensure all details are finalised, and complete the Orientation Checklist.

Other information about our Education and Care Service’s enrolment includes:

  • We will try and accommodate families so that children from the same family can attend our Service. This will be carried out in line with our obligations under the Priority of Access Policy.
  • We encourage all families to consider immunising their children. Please see our Immunisation Policy for further information.

The Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor will ensure that this policy is maintained and implemented at all times.


Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010
Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
Guide to National Quality Standards 2011
Work Health and Safety Act 2011
Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011
Child Care Service Handbook 2011-2012
Child and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998
Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority


The policy will be reviewed annually. Review will be conducted by management, employees, parents and any interested parties.