Faces code
of conduct

Centre policies

All permanent and relief Educators/Staff agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. Whilst the Nominated Supervisor is ultimately responsible for ensuring the Code of Conduct is adhered to, all Educators/Staff will assist in maintaining the code.

Care of children

The Nominated Supervisor and other members of staff must, in relation to each child at the Service ensure that:

a) The health, welfare, and progress of the child are promoted, and

b) The child is provided with a range of activities designed to promote social, emotional, cognitive, cultural and physical development, and

c) The child is (where appropriate) provided with regular and varied meals and refreshments, having regard to the child’s age and to community practices, and

d) The child is provided with educational and recreational activities (both on an individual and a group basis) that are suitable and adequate for the needs and interests of the child.

Sleeping arrangements

The Nominated Supervisor must provide an adequate number of beds and cots for the children at the Service, having regard to their number, ages and hours of the day during which they are at the Service.

The Nominated Supervisor must ensure that:

a) Each bed or cot for children at the Service is equipped with a clean and comfortable mattress and bed linen, and bed clothing that are appropriate to the climate.

b) All bed linen and clothing is kept clean and in a satisfactory condition.

c) No child sleeps in the same room as an adult.

Supervision of children

The Nominated Supervisor must ensure that children at the centre are adequately supervised, having regard to their ages, physical and intellectual development by primary contact members of the Service’s staff.

The Nominated Supervisor must ensure that no person is allowed to supervise children unless the person:

a) Is sympathetic to the welfare of children.

b) Has adequate knowledge, understanding and experience of children so as to be capable of meeting their needs.

c) Is able to adequately care for and supervise children.

d) Is of suitable age, health and personality to care for children and

e) Is of good character.

f) Has received suitable training in the proper care of children.

The Nominated Supervisor must ensure that all children are adequately supervised at all times. The age of the children and activities in which the children are engaged in at the time must be considered.

The Nominated Supervisor must ensure that no member of staff who is supervising children, both supervises the children and performs other duties at the same time if those duties would adversely affect the quality of supervision.

Health and medical attention

If a child is injured or becomes ill while at the Service, and in the opinion of the Nominated Supervisor/Responsible Person, needs immediate medical or dental treatment, the Nominated Supervisor/Responsible Person must notify the parents or guardian to arrange to collect the child as soon as possible. If the parent cannot be contacted, organise to take the child to a Medical Practitioner as soon as possible.

A child must not be given medication otherwise than in accordance with:

a) the written instruction of a Parent/Guardian/Responsible Nominee for the child, or

b) in the case of an emergency – the verbal or written instructions of a medical practitioner.

The Nominated Supervisor must ensure:

a) that there is a suitable and fully stocked first-aid kit at the Service, and

b) that at least one member of staff at all times holds approved qualification in the administration of first aid, as well as Asthma and Anaphylaxis training, and

c) that all first-aid equipment, medicine, drugs and other substances potentially harmful to children are stored in cupboards that are secured by means of childproof locks.

Discipline of children

The Nominated Supervisor and all staff must ensure that each child at the Service:

a) is given adequate positive guidance towards socially acceptable behaviour, and

b) is not subject to or threatened with:

  • any form of punishment, or
  • any punishment that takes the form of immobilisation or force-feeding, or
  • any punishment that is intended to humiliate or frighten the child.

Children not to perform unreasonable duties

The Nominated Supervisor and all other members of staff must ensure that a child at the Service is not required to perform duties that are unreasonable, having regard to the child’s age and physical and intellectual development.


The Nominated Supervisor must ensure that any animal kept at the Service as a pet is clean and well cared for.

Children not to be released into the care of strangers

The Nominated Supervisor and all other staff must ensure that no child leaves the Service in the care of any person other than:

a) a person who is entitled to the custody of the child, or

b) a person who is an authorised nominee, by such a person to have the care of the child.

Notification of death

The Nominated Supervisor must notify the death of a child at the Service to Management who will then notify:

a) The Parents/Guardian of the child to meet at the Hospital

b) A member of the Police Force

c) The Department of Education and Communities

d) The Insurance Company